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Digital work reports

February 26, 2024|

We live in a time when technology is transforming every aspect of our daily lives, and the intervention industry is no exception.

Digitization of work reports by technicians and specialists, is emerging as a key element in improving efficiency, transparency and quality of services. [...]

Digital Payroll Management

January 10, 2024|

In recent years, the world of work has undergone a significant transformation due to the automation of key processes, including payroll processing. The abandonment of the traditional paper format in favor of the digital version has brought numerous benefits for companies and employees. In Switzerland, this change is further amplified by the [...]

How to digitize business processes

December 1, 2023|

Digitization of business operations is an important step to improve efficiency, reduce costs and remain competitive in an era when the market is evolving and changing abruptly. But what are the first and most important steps to take?

Let's explore below where to start to digitize with [...]

The 5 benefits of enterprise digitization

October 24, 2023|

In an ever-changing world, adopting digitization of business processes is becoming an indispensable step for companies of all sectors and sizes. Digital transformation is no longer a choice, but a necessity to remain competitive and maintain an identity in the marketplace.

Digitizing [...]

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  • infinite users
  • multilingual system
  • usable from PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Transparent costs according to usage
  • 100% Swiss service
  • Data security and servers in Switzerland

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