About us

exego is a cloud service developed on the ARXivar Next platform that offers comprehensive digitalisation solutions for business processes, including streamlined workflow automation, reliable document and data management, efficient human resource management and seamless coordination of client relations.

Your partner for a successful digital future

exego is a Swiss-based cloud service built on the ARXivar Next platform that offers tailored digitalisation and automation solutions designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland. We offer innovative and user-friendly solutions to help businesses leverage the available technology and opportunities for workflow digitalisation. We recognise the complex challenges faced by Swiss SMEs striving to stay afloat in an increasingly competitive global market. To overcome these challenges, businesses must adopt a digital mindset and leverage the opportunities offered by digital technologies.

Solutions for today and tomorrow, based on sound experience

exego was founded based on the experience of CHC Business Solutions, a Swiss enterprise with a 20-year legacy that passionately and expertly helps enterprises navigate the digital era.

CHC Business Solutions takes a consistently forward-thinking approach, supporting our clients’ digital transformation with core values like integrity, transparency, innovation, mutual respect and collaboration. Since 2002, CHC Business Solutions has worked steadily to provide quality services that align with our clients’ needs, providing customised solutions and comprehensive professional support.