Create and share digital delivery notes. Simply

Digitalise, share and track all deliveries, providing real-time status updates and keeping clients informed at all times. Explore the convenience of exego!

Exego is the solution for digitizing the recording of delivery notes conveniently and on the go, attaching photos of receipts and invoices. Manage delivery notes with just a few clicks.

The service is reliant on use of the exego app.

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Why choose exego for delivery notes?

Who uses exego for delivery notes?

Sole traders or small businesses

Sole traders in all fields benefit from exego’s practical solution when delivering goods to their clients. This allows them to save time otherwise spent manually preparing the documents.

Auto repair shops, workshops and mechanics

A workshop deals with thousands of inbound and outbound products every year. Simplifying the paperwork saves copious amounts of time, month after month: this is precisely what the exego delivery note service aims to do.

Dynamic businesses, entrepreneurs on the go

Business owners that value their time choose exego to spend less of it doing administrative tasks: exego saves time and energy, even when it comes to delivery notes.

Freelancers in every field

Regardless of the type of product delivered to the end client, freelancers in every field choose exego to create instant delivery notes with just a few clicks.

Startups and businesses of any size

When launching a new business, startups everywhere can benefit from the convenience of exego, starting with a basic plan to create digital delivery notes and then scaling up when the business grows.

Delivery notes


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CHF 1.75 / note

Plan includes 80 documents

  • Ideal for up to 3 notes / day

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CHF 1.45 / note

Plan includes 200 documents

  • Ideal for up to 10 notes / day

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CHF 0.95 / note

Plan includes 500 documents

  • For high demands

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Is exego not enough for you?
Do you have special requirements?

A high number of documents and customisations, integrations with ERP and accounting software, offer generation and HR management: all this is possible with exego Pro.

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