Frequently asked questions

A few questions people normally ask us about exego.

exego is an online cloud-based service that offers SMEs in Switzerland the possibility to digitalise their business processes. The service includes a broad range of solutions to manage workflows, work documents and human resources. All the services offered by exego help companies save time, money and resources.

exego offers SMEs a series of benefits. Firstly, it helps enterprises save time, money and resources since it allows more efficient management of all business processes. Secondly, exego ensures greater transparency of business processes since all data and documents are stored in the one place. Lastly, exego offers improved data security since all data and documents are protected by advanced encryption technology. Your data is stored in a secure environment and always available on the Swiss-based servers. We guarantee the utmost compliance with Data Privacy regulations in accordance with the LPD (Swiss Data Protection Legislation) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

exego offers a vast range of digitalisation solutions that can be customised to meet the specific needs of SMEs. For example, businesses can use exego to manage their documents, data or processes.

Absolutely. Our solutions are available to SMEs in German, French, Italian and English.

exego also provides advanced consulting and support services to assist enterprises in maximising the benefits of digitalising their business processes. These include data analysis, technology consulting and assistance in formulating strategies and digitalisation plans.

exego is always at your complete service. It doesn’t require any specific software to be installed and is designed to streamline your daily tasks using a smartphone or PC. An easy-to-use and efficient business service that’s always just one click away. Designed for freelancers, small enterprises and startups, but also tradespeople looking to streamline their workflows. All data are managed in compliance with the LPD and GDPR (Swiss and European Data Protection Regulations) with a cutting-edge Swiss-based service. All data are securely stored in Switzerland and are available at all times.

  • More available time.
  • Eco-sustainable.
  • Easy processing.
  • Secure, efficient and always available.
  • Cuts administrative tasks by one-third.
  • Free support, reliable and customised.
  • Multilingual