Frequently asked questions

Some questions we are asked about exego and our timely answers.

exego is an online service, on a cloud platform, that offers SMEs in Switzerland the opportunity to digitize their business processes. The service offers a wide range of workflow management digitization solutions, from work document management to human resource management. All services offered by exego save companies time, money and resources.

exego offers SMEs a number of benefits. First, it helps companies save time, money and resources, as companies can manage all their business processes more efficiently. In addition, exego offers greater transparency of business processes, as all data and documents can be accessed in one place. Finally, exego offers greater data security, as all data and documents are protected by advanced encryption. Your data is stored in a secure environment and always available on servers located in Switzerland. We ensure maximum compliance according to the legislature for the protection of Privacy according to the DPA and GDPR directives.

exego offers a wide range of digitization solutions that can be customized to the needs of SMEs. For example, companies can choose to use exego for document management, data management, and process management.

Certainly, we address SMEs in German, French, Italian and English languages.

exego also provides advanced consulting and support services to help companies make the most of the digitization of their business procedures. These services include data analysis, technology consulting, strategy creation, and creation of a digitization plan.

The exego service of digitizing your work always at your complete disposal. Requiring no installation of specific software, it is designed for your daily work using your smartphone or PC. An easy, fast business service always available at the click of a button. Designed for self-employed workers, small businesses and start-ups, artisans who want to emerge like big companies. Your data managed in accordance with DPA and GDPR regulations with a state-of-the-art service in Switzerland. Your data is kept safe in Switzerland and always available to you.

  • More free time not devoted to administrative paperwork.
  • Eco-sustainable.
  • Easy to process.
  • Safe, efficient and always available
  • Reducing administrative burdens by one-third.
  • Free, reliable and personalized 24/7 support.
  • Multilingual

Why choose exego

exego is a scalable solution that offers tangible benefits:

  • no software to install
  • infinite users
  • multilingual system
  • usable from PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Transparent costs according to usage
  • 100% Swiss service
  • Data security and servers in Switzerland

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