Digitize the payroll. In a way simple

exego is the solution for digitizing pay stubs and salary certificates in just a few clicks, making them available to employees in a secure and convenient way. Discover all the benefits and activate your free account now.


Why choose exego for payroll?

Who uses exego for payroll?


Individual artisans or those with employees

Gardeners, plumbers, painters, locksmiths, carpenters, flooring contractors--there are many categories of artisans who use exego to digitize payroll, for themselves and their teams, from the smallest to larger teams.


Garages, repair shops and mechanics

Saving time means being able to devote it to more important and practical tasks: for this reason, garages and mechanics are taking advantage of the convenience of exego's digitized payrolls.


Dynamic companies, smart entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who work mobile and manage small or large teams take advantage of exego's low costs and flexibility to digitize payroll easily.


Freelancers in every field

Consultants, trainers, coaches and freelancers are often on the road for work. exego helps them digitally manage payroll wherever they are, in the time of a coffee.


Startups and companies of all sizes

Because of its scalability and the different services it offers, exego can adapt to any type of company. Specific low-cost services for the startup phase and then a full package when the company grows!

Payroll. for all kinds of companies


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CHF 1.25 / paycheck

Package of 80 documents

  • Ideal for up to 3 people

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CHF 1.05 / paycheck

Package of 200 documents

  • Ideal for up to 10 people

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CHF 0.85 / paycheck

Package of 500 documents

  • For multiple users

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Isn't exego enough for you?
Do you have special needs?

High numbers of documents and customizations, integrations with ERP and accounting software, bid creation and human resource management-all these are possible with exego Pro.

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Why choose exego

exego is a scalable solution that offers tangible benefits:

  • no software to install
  • infinite users
  • multilingual system
  • usable from PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Transparent costs according to usage
  • 100% Swiss service
  • Data security and servers in Switzerland

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